Anuj Patel

I am a Mechanical Engineer, turned Digital Marketer, now helping small businesses, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and marketers to Grow Their Business Online by providing cost-effective solutions.



What I provide



SEO Content Writing

With the experience of 1+ years in writing content, I can help you get more leads and traffic with my six-step SEO content writing framework. I will start from scratch, including keyword research to optimizing content for search engines. 



Landing Page Copywriting

I can create an attention grabbing landing page that sucks in leads like a moth to a flame and force them to click on sign up after they land on landing page.


Free Marketing Tools

Hello Marketers! Have you ever tried marketing tools that can make your online marketing work easy? And that too for free?   As digital marketers, we always want the …

Off-page SEO activities

When you promote your business online, it is incredibly important to understand the different ways that you can get more traffic to your site. The more traffic you …

Digital Marketing For Small Business

Do you own a small business? Are you looking for ways to boost sales? How do you do that? If you are a small business owner, then you …


Starting to blog can seem scary at first, but it’s actually quite easy. Blogging has become popular over the past few years and more and more people are …