A Few Words

About Me


Hey Friend!

I am Anuj Patel, a Mechanical Engineer, turned Digital Marketer. I am a student and a thinker.

I love exploring the digital marketing arena and share my knowledge on Digital Marketing.

I strive to learn and try to learn every day. I believe in being a student for life and that learning never ends. I consider myself a ‘forever student’.

I am a marketing enthusiast and I believe the Digital Marketing is the future of marketing and I want to contribute a bit to it. I constantly strive to get better at what I do.

I am a Freelancer who provides content writing and copywriting services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, Saas companies, and Marketing companies. 

A summary of my Education

I have completed my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at L.J. Institute, Ahmedabad. I appeared in a G.A.T.E competitive exam but could not crack it so decided to learn new skills and build my career which helps me in the future.

Then, I enrolled in the python course and learned its basics, but it was difficult to learn the python in very little time.

Then, I found out about the Digital Marketing field and out of curiosity I started watching YouTube videos to understand its applications in various fields.

After that, I enrolled for an internship in Digital Marketing at digitaldeepak.com(now LearnToday). I believe in a simple formula: Learn, Implement, and Share.


I am a guy who loves to read books and blogs on Digital Marketing, Psychology and Management. In my spare time, I like to read books, especially on self-development, spirituality, and entrepreneurship.

I have a habit of writing 400 words daily about the things I learned every day to improve my writing skills.